Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Au Revoir Gossip Girl

After having a day's time to reflect and have constant analyses with friends at school, I've realized the mastery of the plot that is Gossip Girl.  The episode really did deliver and I think we can all agree that we felt content at the end.  I never cry at the end of movies or television shows and I admit, I shed a few tears.  We'll never see a new episode with a leggy blonde, a head adorned with a headband fit for a queen, an extremely well dressed gent, and the groomed, arched eyebrows of Nate Archibald.  Although the series is over, the revelation of Dan being Gossip Girl has convinced me to rewatch the whole series over again.  Maybe not right now, but I wouldn't be surprised if I see S and B clashing in the first episode again soon...

Some of the many memorable moments of the final episode...

 OMG. I love you Henry Bass. Total cutie. You can definitely tell he is going to have as much swag as his dad.
 The gold dress is so S. I originally wanted her to be with Nate, but I am happy with Dan and Serena being together.
Aww I love them. I LOVED her dress. I have always had the dream of having an Elie Saab wedding gown.  When I saw her descend the staircase in her dress, I screamed.  I recognized the design as an Elie Saab. She wore that as her wedding dress!!! I died. Now it seems even more right for me to get a dress like that for my wedding one day.

Hope you all enjoyed the last episode.  I know I did.

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