Sunday, December 16, 2012

All That Glitters


I've never been much of a glitter person, but recently I've developed a fascination for it.  A shimmery dress, shoes or eye makeup can make one feel glamorous and exude a confidence like no other.  Shimmer is the most understated way to wear this trend.  Shimmer can be worn in a basic clothing piece while sequins and glitter should be dealt with more cautiously.  Wear glitter accessories.  So basically, less is more.  A glittery belt or sequin clutch will earn mad respect from your friends.  Instead of choosing a maroon or black accessory to go with the fall/winter season like everyone else, you dared to be different and let your wild side shine through.  Not to mention, gold ALWAYS gives skin a little bit more of a golden glow.  So the next time you are rushing to get out of the house on the way to a friend's or office holiday party, choose something with a 'lil sparkle.

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